A True Friend

by Robert Morgan

This morning when I awoke from my sleep

I had a question, and that was, “What is a true friend?”

It seems simple to answer but after much thought

I questioned whether I could be a true friend

So what is a true friend?

A true friend really cares

A true friend is at your beaconed call

A true friend actually cares more for your well being than his or hers

A true friend is there to lend moral support

A true friend is there at a time of crisis

A true friend is there to help lead you to God and Jesus

So can I qualify as a true friend?

At times yes, but at other times no

So what is the only answer to help me become a true friend?

And the answer is so simple

Because it is faith and a belief in Jesus Christ

Because He shows us by example

For in the Bible is His hallowed life

And sacrifice, suffering, and compassion are on display for all to see

Because they became the basis of His stay

Our Holy Bible serves as our example

So the only solution to my question is to study His teachings

And become like our Savior

For His example will truly make me a true friend